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February 22, 2017
  • The Childhood League Center Opens State-of-the-Art Facility

    The Childhood League Center began the new year by welcoming children and families to a new, state-of-the-art early childhood facility in Columbus, Ohio. The new Center allows for even more innovative programming and early intervention services to young children – birth to age six – with developmental delays and those at risk. The Childhood League Center is now positioned to serve up to 100 more children while continuing to offer comprehensive support to families.

    Building Features

    Every inch of the new facility was evaluated by The Center’s expert staff and custom designed to create an optimal learning environment for all children, ranging from those who use a wheelchair to those with autism to those who are typically developing.

    The new Center features 10 classrooms (four more than the old building) with room to grow in the future. The classrooms feature one-way observation windows for experts and parents to observe classroom activities, without disturbing daily routines. In addition, the facility includes an impressive art studio, gym, dance studio and therapy rooms, kitchen and dining room, and a family support center.

    The building also features calming rooms to offer a quiet, private area for comfort, calming and self-regulation for children with sensory integration issues.

    One-of-a-Kind Outdoor Playscape

    A stunning feature of the new facility is the outdoor play area, unlike any other in the nation. Research shows that children best learn and develop through play, especially unstructured play time. With play becoming more and more scheduled (ballet class, swimming lessons, music class) and competition with screen time, children often do not have the opportunity for unstructured play. The new Center has plenty of space for children to do just that.

    The outdoor playscape at The Childhood League Center is steeped in natural materials so children can explore, create and imagine. Sensory gardens – featuring raised planters and garden plots – allow children to explore different senses. Children can get creative in the outdoor theater, which includes a wooden stage, musical instruments and log seating. And, several open areas allow for free play and imagination where children can take climb through a tunnel or relax on swings adapted for all physical abilities.

    There are also lawn labyrinths where children can take a calming walk and self-regulate along the path. Mud kitchens and water play make for a bit more boisterous fun and sensory play. Every classroom has an outdoor learning area, creating indoor-outdoor curriculum designed to enhance every child’s education. All of this, nestled in the heart of an urban area, makes this acre of land very unique.

  • For Professionals & Pediatricians

    Intervening early is key for children with suspected or diagnosed delays. The earlier we intervene, the greater the outcomes. This cornerstone message is critical for professionals and pediatricians to effectively help more families and children get access to services sooner.

    The New The Childhood League Center serves as a resource to the community through professional development for professionals and education and connection events for families. Additionally, the new building allows for expanding our footprint as the first licensed PLAY Project Center in the nation.

    The PLAY Project Center offers resources, information and workshops for professionals, such as pediatricians and educators, who are interested in gaining practical skills for engaging children with autism or for those interested in offering the PLAY Project autism intervention themselves. The PLAY Project Center can also customize a specific workshop about autism (red flags, the diagnosis process, and what to look for in an intervention) for your organization or pediatric practice. The Childhood League Center can also customize a specific training around developmental approaches to young children. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a training.

    Upcoming Opportunities

    Join The Childhood League Center for their Annual Educational Conference, “Relationships Matter! Social-Emotional Development as a Foundation for All Learning” on March 9-10 in Columbus, Ohio. The 2-day conference will focus on the importance of relationships in the development of young children, how these early bonds with caregivers help children grow and learn, and how relationships can be the best vehicle for early intervention when there are developmental concerns.

    The conference is perfect for professionals, including: educators, mental health professionals, pediatricians and therapists.

    Featured Speakers Include:

  • Learn more about the conference here.

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