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  • Early experiences matter for all children

    The Childhood League Center’s preschool is a special place. Children both with and without special needs learn and play together – indoors and out, in circle time and free play, at sensory tables and snack tables – surrounded by caring adults committed to their development.

  • Children ages 3 through 5 attend full-day & half-day inclusive classes at The Center.


    With a 4:1 child-to-adult ratio and small classes, our teachers, assistants, and other team members know each child as an individual with his or her own personality, strengths, abilities, likes and dislikes. They know the goals each family has determined for their child, and they actively help them achieve these goals through play and exploration with their classmates. One of our teachers said it best: “The Center is a welcoming, loving place that feels like family.”

    We aim to design a community that includes a 50:50 ratio of children both with and without developmental delays. Research has shown that this approach, which embraces inclusion of each person, benefits everyone.

    Our Early Intervention therapeutic classrooms, for ages 1 to 3, also include children both with and without delays.

    “It is always exciting to see the children graduating at the end of the year ready to move on to kindergarten knowing we were a part of their team.”

    — Diane Ingber, Preschool Intervention Specialist/Teacher

    gradsThe Center’s team of teachers and therapists take an innovative, multi-sensory approach to learning, using developmentally appropriate materials and methods.

    A child’s natural curiosity guides their learning through inquiry and exploration. In our safe, nurturing classrooms, children thrive and gain confidence in their ability to learn, which in turn prepares them for kindergarten and beyond.

    All of our children significantly improve the outlook for their future, and nearly two-thirds (65%) of children who participate in our programs enter kindergarten no longer qualifying for specialized services.

    “King started at The Center just shy of his second birthday, needing OT and PT therapies. These therapies have helped him so much with running, walking and going up and down the stairs. He loves school and being around new people. He will enter kindergarten in the fall no longer needing specialized services. “

    There are many benefits to inclusion, including:
    • – Friendships that enhance acceptance, empathy and compassion
    • – Through many types of activities and interactions with classmates, every child has the opportunity for their strengths to be realized and appreciated
    • – Children learn important academic and social skills

    “Inclusion” is a word often heard in education and very important to Center programming.

    Inclusion in early childhood classrooms means children both with and those without special needs actively play, explore & learn together.

  • The Center preschool operates on a school-year calendar, Monday to Thursday.

    Learn about eligibility & enrollment.

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