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The League

Past & Present
  • The League is the volunteer organization that supports The Childhood League Center


    A group of visionary women formed The Childhood League in 1945 to help children in need. Their efforts grew into the innovative, effective programs that now serve more than 500 children and their families each year in Franklin County.

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    The women of The League voluntarily began the organization – eventually adding paid staff to The Center. Today, The Center boasts a highly-skilled staff, and the women of The Childhood League continue to volunteer, advocate, fundraise, and promote the mission of The Center. They bring experience, expertise, and passion to ensure that every child has access to high-quality early education and interventions.

    Each year, new women join and become a “class” that makes a five-year commitment to our mission. They not only provide essential support to The Center, but also they form close bonds with the community and each other. After their term as a League Member, many of these dedicated women continue their support of The Center, and their connections with each other, as alumni members in what are called Assisting Boards.

    In the early days, few League Members worked outside their homes. Today, a majority of League Members are industry leaders spanning a wide range of career fields. Despite the busy pace of life, members of The Childhood League continue to passionately serve our children and utilize their skills and expertise to aid in furthering the mission of The Center.


    Today’s League Members come from all different backgrounds, bringing with them valuable perspectives and expertise. They come as parents, volunteers, advocates, industry leaders in their respective fields, and above all, passionate about helping children with special needs.

    League Members connect the community and people in their lives with the mission of The Center and share the life-changing work that is happening with them.

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    Things to know:

    • Volunteering in the classrooms at The Center
      – This provides critical support to teachers while allowing the operating expenses to remain minimal for The Center
    • Participating in Merry Go Round
      – The League puts on the single largest fundraising event each year benefiting The Center
    • Raise funds during the Annual Fundraising Campaign
      – Be a part of a team with individual and team goals!
    • Attend monthly meetings
    • Serve on one committee or board each year
      – Bring your expertise to the table or embrace the opportunity to learn new skills. There are a variety of options available!
    • Advocate on behalf of The Center
      – Help spread the word of the amazing work happening through The Center’s services in our community with those you know.
    • Be a part of something great
      – Early childhood education is one of the best investments we can make for the future of children and our community at large
      – Children who receive interventions during their brain’s development have opportunities for positively changing outcomes – for life
    • Life-long friendships with fellow League Members
    • Join a legacy of incredible, passionate and forward-thinking women
      – More than 800 women in central Ohio have been a part of The League. Don’t be surprised the next time you’re at the store and someone recognizes your shirt!
    • You’ll never be the same
      – Come to The Center. Meet the kids. We guarantee that your life will change! And you’ll change their lives as well!

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    After an incredible five years as a League Member, many continue on with a lifetime of support for The Center as an Assisting Board Member. Each graduating League class moves onto an Assisting Board, each of which contains five League classes. Currently, there are 14 different boards.

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    Assisting Board Members receive special communications from The Center and are invited to participate in a variety of events.
    Additionally, AB Members continue to meet together as friends with their own events. They also organize together for special projects for The Center and continue to support the mission through financial gifts and advocacy.

    For more information about an event, please contact The Center at

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