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Our Approach

what we do
  • Experts and families working together

    Every child we serve, both in home and in classroom, has an entire team of dedicated professionals who partner with that child’s family, drawing on the expertise of each person. Families are the most critical part of our team so we partner together to help their child fully develop their strengths and abilities.

    Our highly skilled teams consist of expert early childhood intervention specialists, social workers, a registered nurse and a chef focused on nutrition. Accomplished, caring therapists work with children both in our classroom and home-based programs, including mental health, speech-language therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists.

    Our approach is evidence-based and proven best practices for supporting how children best learn. And the key to it all – families!

    Our Approach

    Inclusion is a core value to our early childhood program and combines this incredible learning experience with our quality programs. Everyone has strengths and different abilities and those are celebrated in our fully-inclusive classes where children learn with and from one another.

    Every child can benefit from our developmentally appropriate, social, play-based learning environment where children develop and practice social-emotional learning.

    Inclusive classrooms offer the best of all early childhood experiences, including:

    • Appreciation of diversity, strengths & differences
    • Fostering essential characteristics of empathy, compassion and kindness
    • Enhanced learning environments through social and therapeutic experiences
    • Play-based daily schedule and routine
    • Learning based on a child’s natural curiosity
    • Friendships and a sense of belonging

    We offer everything from play dates and parenting classes, to tips and advice on becoming an advocate for your child, to future financial planning for your child with special needs, fun holiday activities, and family nights at The Center.

    There’s always something going on at The Center for you and your family!

    A special message to families: We know you are your child’s best teacher. That’s why we offer supports that can help you become confident in your skills and abilities to help your child succeed and develop for the rest of their life. We hope you will take advantage of all of these great opportunities!

    Our programs are focused on maximizing the ways children best learn. Research shows that for very young children, those under age 3, the best place for them to learn is in their natural environment, with those most familiar to them. This is why we work with families directly in their homes to support them as they become confident in their own ability to help their child.

    As children grow, natural learning is still a major part of a child’s learning. Our new facility combines both indoor and outdoor curriculum as well as an expansive outdoor playscape that is modeled after nature but with built-in therapeutic benefits that is fun for children of all abilities.

    Natural play encourages creativity, curiosity and learning and happens best in a natural learning environment.

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