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Capital Campaign

  • Where We’re Headed

    A pillar in our community for more than 75 years, The Childhood League
    Center is investing the next 75+ years.

    In a touching show of generosity, numerous individuals and companies lead the way into the future by believing in The Center, its mission and ability to make lifelong impact. Their investment was not only in the new building but also The Center’s bigger dream of doing more and helping more families.

    Without the leadership of these philanthropists, this beautiful building would not yet be making a difference and The Center would not yet be poised to challenge itself with the questions of how to make an even greater impact beyond these walls.

    It is with deep gratitude that The Childhood League Center thanks and honors those who made this dream possible and set The Center up to dream bigger and do even more.

    Thank you for your generosity and thank you for believing in us.

  • Thank You

    to the generous individuals and companies who invested in The Center's future

  • $3,000,000+

    Robert D. Walter Family


  • $999,999 to $500,000

    American Electric Power Foundation

    The Billie and Orland Rader Foundation


  • $499,999 to $250,000

    Cardinal Health Foundation

    The Flesch Family

    Sue and Norval Goss

    The Nationwide Foundation


  • $249,999 to $100,000

  • Jane and Ned Barthelmas

    The Dennis Family

    Fishel Foundation


  • Grange Insurance

    Huntington Bank

    The Isaly Family

  • L Brands Foundation

    The Meuse Family

    Osteopathic Heritage Foundation

  • $99,999 to $50,000

  • Air Force One Community Foundation

    Tammy and Mark Berven

    The Crane Group and Crane Family

    Randy, Emily, Zoe, Nikko, and George Gerber

    Beth Grimes-Flood and Tom Flood

  • The Harry C. Moores Foundation

    Lisa Ingram and Greg Guy

    Ingram-White Castle Foundation

    The Jeffrey Company

    The Logan Family Foundation

    The Merkel Family


  • Debra and Charles Penzone


    Jeanne and David Schoedinger

    Tamea Sutphen

    The Wagenbrenner Family in memory of Kay Wagenbrenner

  • $49,999 to $25,000

  • Ann* and Ralph Anderson

    Marlene and Joe Berwanger

    Christine Wilson Foundation

    Henry E. Coyle, Alfred B. Ashman, Jr. Memorial Trust #2, Kathleen P. Callahan, Anna C. Dixon, & Frances M. King funds of The Columbus Foundation


  • The Daimler Group, Inc.

    The Driver Family

    The Nancy and Dave Gill Family

    Heather Grant and Michael Petrecca

    LIVE! Technologies

  • Emily and Antonio Smyth

    Carole Watkins-Woods and Craig Woods

  • $24,999 to $10,000

  • Childhood League Class of 2003

    Childhood League Legacy Fund of The Columbus Foundation

    Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation

    Tammy and Andy Dosch

    Sandy C. Doyle-Ahern

    The Hildreth Foundation, Inc.

    Leah and Todd Miller Family


  • Jan and Joe Mollmann

    The Papa and Odegaard Families

    Schoedinger Funeral Service

    Marcy and Randy Schoedinger

    Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation

    Pamela and Charles Snyder

    The Spurlino Foundation

  • The Stevenson Family

    Zibbi, Trey & Zarin Wentz

    Kerri and Jim White

    Sue and Jim White

    Ann C. and William C. Wolfe

    Ginger Young and Family

  • $9,999 to $5,000

  • American Express Charitable Fund

    Donations in Memory of Sherry Barger

    Dareth Gerlach

    Laurie Gill Voss and David Voss

    Marci and Bill Ingram

    Kegler, Brown, Hill and Ritter

  • Tia and Todd Kegler

    Twilo and Charles Kegler

    Patty and Tim King

    Everett H. and Shirle C. Krueger Fund of The Columbus Foundation

    Carolyn and George McConnaughey

    Kristen and Granger McKinney


  • Peter McMurtrie

    Jami and Tony Phillips

    The Sabec Family

    Joyce and Jay Schoedinger

    Barbara Trueman

  • $4,999 to $2,500

  • Kellie and Naeem Ali

    Heidi and Dave Anderson

    Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

    The Childhood League Center Staff


  • Eastway Supplies, Inc.

    Vicky Macklin

    Lynn and Jack Matyas

  • Mara and Bill Stark

    Candace and Raymond Tesner

    Darla Wojciechowski

  • $2,499 to $1,000

  • Assisting Board XII

    Leista and Paul* Becher

    Linnea and Brian* Blanchard

    Jeanne and Thomas Bogen

    Melinda Boring

    Susan and Jim Budros

    Julie and Michael Butler

    Jo Ann and Mike Carpenter

    Gail Colwell and Family

    Laura and Chris Cooke

    Mary Jo Edwards

    Bebe and John Finn

    Charlene and Danny Fullerton

    Anna and Bob Gsanger

  • Cindy and Larry Hilsheimer

    Diane Ingber

    Dee Keller

    Vicki and Tom Kelly Family

    The Paula and Scotty Litton Family

    Gretchen and Mac McNeil

    Renee Miscovich

    Charlene and Russ Morgan

    Mary Jane and Ed Overmyer

    Carolyn and David Patterson

    Bonnie and Mark Ransom

    Susan and Joe Ray

    Dawn Robinson

    Judy and Doug Sandbo


  • Robert and Dodie* Scott

    Mindy Shore

    Susan Shuff

    Bethann and Michael Sprague

    Mark and Marty Starkey

    Suzanne and John Sumner

    The Columbus Foundation

    Laura and Gordon Troup

    Upper Arlington Leadership Program 2016

    Candyce B. Warnick

    Lisa and Leo Welsh

    Cindy Wentz

    Sue Ann Williams

    Karen Yassenoff

  • $999 to $500

  • Cathleen Boggs and Thomas Utgard

    Liz Davis

    Sue and Todd Delay

    Sukey and Joe DiCesare

    Nancy and Michael Donaldson

    Lianne Elstun

    Shelley Frank

  • Pamela P. Gartin

    Doris Green

    Sandy and Harry Henning

    Anne Hildreth

    Penny and Rick Jackson

    Tara Keller

    Ainsley and Mike Malone


  • Crystal Milner

    Marilyn and Raymond Pongonis

    Carol Rodriguez

    Ann Royer

    Morgan Sindergard

    Mary and Steve Stover

  • Up to $499

  • Sharon Alexander


    Diana Arthur

    Lauren Ashe

    Sara Bagley

    Mollie Bassler

    Carla Bearden

    Kara Beckner-Evans

    Betty and John Bentz

    Lisa and David Bishoff

    Susie Boyle

    Paula Brothers

    Tiffany Burghart

    Kelly Burns

    Lynda and Gus Cavalaris

    Lauren Chaney

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Christman

    Melissa Longsworth Crisp

    Carrie Cunningham

    Janey and Don Davies

    Anne and Keith DeVoe

    Carol and Dave Dodge

    Shirley and Bob Edler

    Tyrone Ferguson

    Pat Fowler

    Patricia and Michael Franz

    Megan Glathart

    Jane S. Gross

    Helen and Mark Hogan

  • Barbara and Bill Hoyer

    Gail and James Hughes

    Jane and Stu Jones

    Jane and Terry King

    Carolyn Krier

    Kayla LaShells

    Patricia and Thomas Laudick

    Coleen Lenix

    Jim Magnuson

    Judy and Richard Martin

    Diane and George McCloy

    Amy Mcclure

    Patricia and Scott McFarland

    Linda McGuire

    Joellen Mechenbier

    Susan Meiling

    Kristina Miller

    Nancy Milliken

    Inara and Robert Milroy

    Sue Minor

    Kim and David Monder

    Julia Myers

    Mary Nicholson

    Becky Nickell

    Loretta and Arnold Palmer

    Amy and Ryan Parks

    Bethanee Pavik

    Greg Peaks

    Darlene and Robert Rankin

  • Jim Readey

    Robin and Thomas Rice

    Lynn and Thomas Ryan

    Tobie Sasser

    Paige and Gerard Schlembach

    Ellie Schooley

    Rita and Wiley Secrest

    Judy and Charles Shriner

    Marilyn and Jonathan Singer

    Leslie Smith

    Ronda Smith

    Karen Smoot

    Lauren Bruce Stets

    Nancy* and Frank Stroebel

    Sherry and James Taylor

    Sandy and Dick Teodori

    Bonnie Thompson

    Kelley Thorson

    Kathy and Matt Toth

    Susan and Jerry Turner

    Jan and Ken Underwood

    Molly Vogel

    Catherine D. Vonderahe

    Wendy Weiler and Michael Dwyer

    Jane and Robert White

    Nancy and Charles Winslow

    Denise Woods

    Jeanne Young


    * deceased


    The new building led The Childhood League Center to begin a strategic planning process in 2017 that resulted in the creation of a new vision and mission alongside an ambitious multi-year strategic plan. 

    See it here

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