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Early Intervention

what we do
  • Educating your child from home


    Children constantly grow and learn, far beyond school hours. In view of an entire lifetime, the window of birth to age five may seem pretty small. Yet, these are the most critical years in a child’s development and growth. Every minute matters and families are critical.

    Parenting is one of the most important jobs in the world. For this reason, we consider support for parents as the most important support for children. A child learns and develops best in their natural environment, which simply means the place where that child spends their time. This can be at their house, their grandmother’s home, or at daycare. It is here that children interact with the people who are their first, best, and most lasting teachers.

    Each family sets individual goals with respect to their wants, needs, traditions, and culture. The Center offers ideas, suggestions, and support for families as they build skills and knowledge that can be applied universally and used to problem-solve down the road. The effects of our interventions, education, and therapies last a lifetime.

    “Thanks to The Childhood League Center, my son with sensory processing disorder can roll around in the grass without a problem!”

  • Home-based services are a part of many of our programs.
    Below are a few examples.

    • Early Intervention

      The Center’s Early Intervention programs place the home front and center. Our Early Intervention Team joins with parents to address their children’s development in all areas. We work with families to meet this goal.

    • The PLAY Project

      Through the PLAY Project, which involves young children with autism, our certified PLAY Project Home Consultants partner with parents and caregivers to support their child’s engagement, interventions and growth.

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