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  • Vision

    To transform challenging starts into unstoppable futures


    We change the trajectory of a child’s life through innovative early childhood education, transdisciplinary teams and family-centered partnerships 


    • It is the right of all individuals to be a part of their community.
    • Every child is unique and has innate strengths, capabilities, and potential.
    • Every child has a right to quality early childhood education.
    • Learning is active. It requires love, support, and guidance. It is possible through exploration, experimentation, and meaningful connections.
    • Families are essential to a child’s healthy development.
  • Strategic Vision

    To develop the building blocks for a nationally recognized CENTER OF EXCELLENCE for early childhood intervention and a model for nonprofit efficiency and effectiveness by:

  • Exploring, developing, testing, executing, evaluating and scaling highly effective, innovative programs and practices:
    • More early childhood professionals are highly trained to provide best practices in early intervention, therapies and education.
    • More families learn about the importance of intervening early to give their children the best possible start in life.
    • More young children are provided with the tools for their personal success as they start life’s journey.
    • More young children are confident, competent and ready to learn.
    • More families and children are empowered to be their own best advocates.
  • Utilizing a continuous performance improvement process to build organizational infrastructure that:
    • Effectively markets our mission.
    • Engages and includes diverse sectors of individuals, businesses, and institutions as partners for our success.
    • Builds and sustains diverse and robust revenue streams.
    • Measures our results.
    • Positions us as a thought leader for our industry and as an example of nonprofit excellence.
  • Strategic Priorities

    1. MAINTAIN our equity and reputation for high-quality services, fidelity, and positive outcomes with continuous focus on research and analysis.
    2. REFINE our organizational infrastructure with discipline and strategic alignment that broadens and deepens diversity and inclusion of our thought, staff and board, community participation and who we impact with our mission.
    3. EXPAND our geographical and intellectual footprint through innovation and alignment with smart growth and sustainability.
  • Goals

  • 1. Diversity & Inclusion

    To utilize a broad array of perspectives representing the diversity of our community to develop policies, procedures, and behaviors to ensure the rich diversity of our community is fully integrated into our culture, reflected in the children we serve and furthers the mission of creating an optimal environment to foster growth and prepare children for success.

    2. Internal Processes

    Improve business planning, processes and controls to align the work of each internal department, the board of directors, and League volunteers for effective integration of roles, responsibilities, communication and collaborative execution of all plans.

    3. Marketing & Technology

    Re-imagine marketing and technology as high-level tools for our success and expansion.

  • 4. Staff Development

    Improve staff recruitment, professional development, and retention program to position the organization for sustained staff quality and opportunities for diversifying our talent pool.

    5. Internal Communications

    Refine internal communications systems to optimize effectiveness and efficiency.

    6. Equity

    Utilize the competencies of our staff and the results of our interventions as equity.

    7. Innovation

    Create a systematic pipeline for identifying innovation at all levels of the organization for continuous opportunities to improve and excel.

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