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The PLAY Project

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  • What is the PLAY Project?

  • PLAY Project is a parent-implemented autism intervention for young children that is intensive and evidence-based. It is based on relationships and can improve social interaction, communication and functional development.

    The PLAY Project empowers families to build their own skills to support their child’s development, increasing the bond and affect between the child and parent in the process. The PLAY Project can begin even without an autism diagnosis and can benefit all families.

    In 2016, The Childhood League Center became the first licensed PLAY Project Center in the nation.

  • The PLAY Project



    The Childhood League Center is a licensed PLAY Project Center.


    A rigorous clinical study was conducted that followed two groups of children receiving services for autism. Children in one group participated in the PLAY Project; children in the other group did not.

    After one year, those in the PLAY Project group showed significant improvements, including:

    • Increased parent and child interaction
    • Increased social interaction
    • Improved social-emotional development
    • Improved autism-related diagnostic category/symptoms including behavioral compliance
  • Along with the launch of the PLAY Project Center, The Childhood League Center launched a new website geared toward families, professionals and pediatricians.

    For more information about the PLAY Project, please visit

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