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The Meeples' New Adventures

December 18, 2018

The latest series follows three different Meeple families in their adventures with early intervention. Also new this year is the journey of a Meeple family, shown from the perspective of the parents, as they wrestle with the possibility an autism diagnosis.

This animated series began as a part of The Childhood League Center’s Intervening Early Initiative which included the goal of increasing general awareness of the importance of intervening early. The first Meeple video shows two composite storylines over a lifetime of a Meeple – one in which he receives early intervention and one in which he does not. Animation helps make these conceptual subjects more relatable, whether for a family who may not yet know they need services or for a small business owner to understand how intervening early can impact his or her future workforce.

Animation also helps remove biases and makes it possible to introduce diversity and inclusion concepts in new ways. Each Meeple storyline features an example of a different family structure, much like the diversity of Center families.

Since the release of the Meeples original video, early childhood education providers and professionals reported using the video with the families they serve as an effective tool. Institutions of higher education reported using the Meeples series for early childhood educators in training.

With such a warm reception and a continued need for more awareness statewide, The Center developed the additional videos this year to create a toolbox of resources and to continue to promote the importance of intervening early.

CLICK HERE to see all of the new adventures, the original composite story and resources for families, pediatricians and early childhood providers. 

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