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Meet Musa

December 18, 2018

Musa laughs in the grass with his ear-to-ear grin.


Musa is a silly, curious and happy boy whose smile radiates from ear to ear!
He is very compassionate and can always tell if someone is upset. He offers them a pat on the back or a toy to cheer them up. Musa is content, easy-going and predictable.
Every now and then, he can be a bit apprehensive or hesitant, but with a little coaxing, he will try just about anything.

Maricet Nsser had a normal pregnancy with no complications, so it came as a surprise that when her son Musa was born, he had a congenital thumb disorder and that he failed his hearing test. The doctors began genetic testing right away which left Maricet and her husband Waeel anxiously awaiting answers.

Finally the answers came. Musa had bi-lateral hearing loss and Fanconi anemia which causes bone marrow failure. Maricet and Waeel suddenly found themselves on a very different pathway than they had planned, one full of doctors and therapists and surgeries and more questions. Maricet remembers feeling devastated and overwhelmed by the prognoses: speech delays, physical delays, global developmental delays. There were also several setbacks in the beginning, including two failed surgeries on his hands and ear canals that were too narrow for hearing aids.

The Nsser family was connected with Help Me Grow, Ohio’s early intervention system that helps families connect with services. Through that, they found themselves at The Childhood League Center. Maricet speaks very fondly of Ms. Tiffany visiting their home and how helpful she was for their family. When Maricet learned that Musa could also attend a toddler class at The Center, she eagerly enrolled him while continuing services at home. Then last year, he joined Ms. Renee’s transition class and this year he is in a half-day preschool class with Ms. Kristina, Ms. Julia and Ms. Molly.

Little by little, Musa is catching up. Currently he has met all of the physical therapy goals Maricet had for him so next month they will do another evaluation to decide what comes next. Maricet says she is amazed at all the new things he is learning and how quickly he picks things up.

Yet Musa’s latest milestone is a big one – Musa spoke for the first time! Since the beginning of the year he had started making noises and his team suspected that some may be intentional. Sure enough, one day he was quietly saying the names of the animals to himself as he played. Ms. Molly was able to capture a video (click here to watch it).

Maricet remembers that every one of his teachers, both current and former, were waiting for her to arrive at the end of the day, ecstatic to show her the video. She said,

“I couldn’t believe it! I had never heard my son’s voice! I took that video to all of his doctor and therapy appointments to share. They looked at me with watery eyes – we weren’t sure if Musa would ever speak and definitely never expected for him to be here so soon.”

Maricet and Waeel can’t say enough about the staff of The Childhood League Center. She said, “They are so amazing. I watch through the glass and am impressed with how they work with him and how much they encourage him. And Musa loves them very much! They are always giving me tools and ideas and talking to me about him and thinking of ways to help. They are so dedicated and passionate about their jobs. I am incredibly grateful we found The Childhood League Center.”

Yet the love and admiration is definitely a two-way street. Musa’s current teachers, Kristina, Julia and Molly say,

Musa gives his mom a kiss before the day begins.

“Musa comes from a very special family. Watching him play with his sisters and interacting with his mother and father is a beautiful sight. There is so much love, patience and fun you can’t help but be drawn in.
His family are his biggest cheerleaders and advocates. They have loved him, advocated for him, and prayed for him since the day he was born. They drive to all the therapies, learn to use all the adaptive equipment, set up his play areas at home, and do all the tireless, often thankless work of daily parenting.
To get to see their pride and excitement brings tears to our eyes, and it is truly powerful to see how strong supports and loving hearts can help a child like Musa grow and flourish. It is what we as educators strive for and to see its fruition reminds us why our work here at The Center is so important.” ll
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