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Toddler Classes

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  • Early experiences matter for all children

    Research has shown the earliest days, weeks and months of a child’s life are a period of unparalleled growth. Prevailing wisdom used to be that brain development occurs later in life. Not true! Within babies’ small bodies, literally trillions of brain cell connections are made early on. What’s more, the quality of care and experiences a young child has with adults influences her or his health and development throughout their lives and significantly impacts potential for years to come.

    Simply put, early experiences matter for all children, and especially for those who have been identified as having a developmental delay. That’s why early intervention (EI) matters, too.

  • Therapeutic Classrooms

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    The Early Intervention Program at The Childhood League Center also has a Classroom Program for children that is open to both typically developing children and children with developmental delays.

    Fully-inclusive classrooms encourage friendship between children regardless of ability and allow them to learn from one another. Therapy occurs within the class so that all children join in and participate together. Snacks are served in family style seating to help create a more natural feel to the classroom. Every game, toy, utensil and activity supports and encourages a child’s healthy development through play while our trained professionals constantly evaluate and adjusting activities on the spot to add more opportunities for each child.

    The Center’s EI Classroom Program is an extension of our Home-Based Coaching Program. Home visits remain a major part of our work with these young children. Goals are defined by the family and supported by The Center. Beyond the two days per week when children come to The Center, that child’s teachers and therapists visit their homes in order to seamlessly merge learning between time spent at The Center and a child’s community. Children are constantly growing and learning, so we support them and their families beyond the classroom.

    And it works—45% of our children catch up with typically developing children by the age of 3. We look to provide a lifetime of opportunities through the impact of our interventions.

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