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Meet Andrea Bartosch

December 12, 2016


Meet The Childhood League Center’s New Family Mentor

Being a parent of a child with special needs can be full of questions, uncertainty and even fear and frustration. It also comes with moments of joy and celebration unique to each family. Who better to understand than another parent who has been there, too?

Andrea is the parent of both a current Center student as well as a graduate. She is passionate about creating a community of support among families and looks forward to getting to know each of you!

Here is what she had to say:

Hello! My son, Will, graduated from The Center in 2015 and my daughter, Kate, is currently in the Early Intervention program and attends a toddler class in House 5.

Will was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth, so I have seen the ups and downs of the world of special needs for families. Additionally, I know the everyday experiences of raising a typically developing child.

Along the way, I have gathered information about funding, advocacy and community resources that are available, and I hope to share these with fellow parents.

I’m happy to offer support and guidance where I can and connect with families walking this journey as well!

The Childhood League Center’s Family Mentor:

  • Offers support and guidance through a unique perspective

  • Helps connect with resources in the community

  • Gives tips on becoming your child’s best advocate

  • Facilitates family-to-family connections

  • Shares about supporting siblings

  • Helps you feel connected through sharing their experience

Please reach out to me to introduce yourself or if I can help with something you may be struggling with. I can be reached via email at or in person at The Center on Monday and Tuesday.

There is certainly a unique bond formed between parents and families of children with special needs, and I hope to meet many of you and share our experiences together!

Thank you!

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