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Partnering with Your Child's Team

Here at the Center
  • Our staff has years of specialized education and experience to benefit your child.

  • Even so, you—as your child’s parent, grandparent, or other family member—are his or her very best teacher!

    We listen carefully to families to learn about the hopes and dreams they have for their children. Together, when families and staff share a common goal, we are an awesome team to improve the life of every Center child.

    In all cases, we welcome your questions, concerns, and suggestions.

  • We also offer a great Families Connecting group who meets monthly at The Center. Get to know other parents, work on projects on behalf of your child’s school while making friends and supporting one another. Contact us to learn more

    • The Child Behind Our Silhouette: For many years, the silhouette of a child has been part of The Childhood League Center’s logo. The model? The daughter of longtime League and Assisting Board Member Sarah Smith! The silhouette on the logo is a beautiful symbol of childhood hopes and dreams—and also of the timeless connections that League Members form with The Center.

Launch a Limitless Life