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What We Do

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  • Family-Centered, Individualized Services for Children with Special Needs

    Here at The Childhood League Center, we believe that:

    • It is the right of all individuals to be a part of their community.
    • Every child is unique and has innate strengths, capabilities, and potential.
    • Every child has a right to quality early childhood education.
    • Learning is active. It requires love, support, and guidance. It is possible through exploration, experimentation, and meaningful connections.
    • Families are essential to a child’s healthy development.
  • These beliefs drive everything we do. The Childhood League Center serves children with special needs, birth through age five. We also serve children without special needs and those at risk of not developing healthily to their full potential.

    Children receive our early childhood education, interventions and therapies at the most critical time in their development – when windows and doors are wide open and long-term impacts can be made.

    Almost 90% of brain development happens by the age of five

    It works. We often hear our parents say, “I never thought my child would ___________” and then they do.

  • “She spoke her first words after sleeping in my lap while being rocked. When it was time to go home, I woke her up. She smiled and said “Mama – go.” She was hearing and visually impaired and had other developmental delays. We all rejoiced because she broke a barrier we weren’t sure she would cross.” ~ Sharon Peterson, Assisting Board XI

  • Learn About Our Services

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    • Early Intervention (Birth to 3)

      The Center partners directly with families to gain skills and confidence to help their child throughout their lifetime.

    • Preschool (Ages 3 through 5)

      The Center is known for its top-quality preschool for children both with and without special needs, creating fully-inclusive classrooms to benefit all.

    • Our Approach

      The most important part of a child’s education happens at home. The Center supports you as you support your child.

    • The PLAY Project

      A unique, effective, home-based autism intervention for young children where parents deliver the interventions themselves.

    • Family Events & Activities

      Through a variety of educational and fun events, we share with families ways to support, advocate and plan for their child’s future.

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