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Beyond The Walls

December 18, 2018

BEYOND THE WALLS: Investing in Our Community

Watching the walls go up on the new building filled the air at 670 South 18th Street with excitement and anticipation for a facility that would finally give Center staff the space they deserved to continue their excellent work while giving families a place that could best support them and help them meet their goals for their children.

The stage was set for an incredible expansion of the already wonderful programs and services. The new building would be a place where children could create, explore, discover, try, belong and feel accepted. It would be a place where families could find support, comradery and feel prepared as their child’s best advocate and build competencies for the road ahead.

Yet that was not all. An investment of this magnitude, a building this size and this carefully planned, carried deeper questions: how would this building serve more children and more families? How would the community benefit from the new Center and this new location?

Today, this is where The Childhood League Center finds itself – grateful for the individuals and companies who made this dream a reality and planning how to best use this new building to impact our community far beyond the walls and into the future.

THANK YOU: to the Generous Individuals and Companies who Invested

In a touching show of generosity, numerous individuals and companies lead the way into the future by believing in The Center, its mission and its ability to make lifelong impacts. They invested in the new building and The Center’s bigger dream of doing more and helping more families.

Meet these generous philanthropists 


A LOOK AHEAD: at the Future of The Childhood League Center

In 2017, The Childhood League Center began a strategic planning process to evaluate how to leverage this beautiful, new building to make an even greater impact in the community.

Gathering insights from community partners, League volunteers and Assisting Board Members, Center families, and all levels of the organization, The Center took a critical look at areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This evaluation led to strategic planning sessions made up of Center staff, executive leadership and the Board to dream big and discuss, debate and plan together.

These sessions resulted in the creation of a new vision and mission alongside an ambitious multi-year strategic plan. Key stakeholders and Center staff agreed that the organization was well positioned to do more to increase its footprint and impact and this multi-year plan outlines concrete strides to accomplish just that.

As the need for high-quality early childhood education continues to outpace the resources available in our community, The Childhood League Center’s multi-year strategic plan aims to address this issue head on by leveraging the 73 years of brand equity and resident knowledge The Center has established in the community. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, we stand behind this plan and commit to continuing to execute the key strategic priorities to reach our strategic vision – our “North Star” – because we firmly believe that this the right time for this plan, for both The Center and our community. ~ Board Chair Leonard Scott

See The Center’s new vision, mission and multi-year strategic plan here








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