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Board and League Leadership

  • The Childhood League Center Leadership

    As a nonprofit entrusted with caring for and improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in our community, our Board of Directors, staff, and Childhood League volunteers work together to ensure each child and family can have the best start possible for a bright future.
  • Board of Directors

    The Board consists of community leaders chosen for their
    expertise, knowledge, and commitment to The Center’s mission.

  • Leonard E. Scott, MBA
    Board Chair

    AD, Systems of Care
    Joined The Board: 2016

    Favorite Superhero:
    The Flash


    As a child, Leonard was intrigued by The Flash’s super speed and agility. He showed similar characteristics when deciding to get involved with The Childhood League Center. He was introduced through the Men’s Breakfast, which provided him an opportunity to learn more about the important work The Center undertakes for an unmet need in early childhood development in our community. Touring the facility, meeting the staff, parents and children at The Center was the defining moment for him.

    He says, “I would recommend anyone in our community that has a passion for children and learning to become involved with The Childhood League Center. The positive impact on our community is significant.”

  • Antonio P. Smyth
    Vice Chair

    President, Transource Energy,
    American Electric Power
    Joined The Board: 2012

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    The Giving Tree


    The Giving Tree “illuminates important lessons in giving and receiving from which both children and adults can learn.”

    Antonio Smyth’s involvement on the Board stems from a strong conviction that the mission of The Center truly matters in the lives of children and their families in our community.

    Deeply inspired by the long-term and sustained positive outcomes he has seen in Center children, Antonio has a genuine appreciation for the unyielding commitment of staff, League volunteers, and his colleagues on the Board.

    At the same time, he says he has gained an acute awareness that early childhood education remains an unmet need for many in our community.

  • Place holder image of member of the childhood league

    Sarah DeTemple

    Director of Finance
    Victoria’s Secret PINK
    Joined The Board: 2020

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    The Day the Crayons Quit

  • Photo of Heather Skurek

    Heather Skurek
    League President Emeritus

    Account Executive
    Joined The Board: 2019

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    The Berenstain Bears series


    Heather was drawn to the League by its history and mission of raising money to support children with developmental delays and disabilities. She was also excited to work with the women in the League to plan fundraising events, volunteer her time and witness first-hand the impact the Center has.

    She finds comfort in knowing the Childhood League Center is here to support families facing challenging circumstances. The therapists and teachers are leaders in their fields, providing invaluable services to the city of Columbus.

  • Photo of Katie Street

    Katie Street
    League Co-President

    Juris Doctor Candidate ’22
    Joined The Board: 2020

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    Wee Gillis

  • Place holder image of member of the childhood league

    Amy Reynolds-Gohs
    League Co-President

  • Place holder image of member of the childhood league

    Charis Bonhomme
    Board Member

    Technology Consultant
    Zilker Technology LLC
    Joined The Board: 2020
  • Photo of Jolie Brams

    Jolie S. Brams, Ph.D.
    Board Member

    Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Director
    of Jolie S. Brams, Ph.D. and Associates, Inc.
    Joined The Board: 2019

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    Harriet the Spy


    “As a forensic psychologist, originally trained as a child psychologist, who specializes in the development trajectory of offenders, Dr. Brams has first-hand knowledge of the overwhelming importance of early intervention and prevention on adult outcome. This is not just an academic knowledge, but stories she’s learned and the families she comes to know bring home this poignant truth to her every day. Her hope is that all children have the opportunities for learning support, love and emotional growth that The Childhood League Center provides.”

  • Todd Cunningham
    Board Member

    Director of Development for EMH&T, Inc.
    Joined The Board: 2019

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    McBroom’s Wonderful One-Acre Farm


    “Todd began at the Center as a board member in 2019 and is a Civil Engineer by profession. Through his career in supporting economic development, he has seen how critical it is to have a quality local workforce and it all starts with education. The children served by The Center today are being prepared for life-long learning.”

  • Photo of Rhonda Talford Knight

    Rhonda Talford Knight, Ph.D.
    Board Member

    CEO, Knight Consulting Group, LLC.
    Joined The Board: 2019

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    Any chosen by my daughters


    Any chosen by my daughters because they were excited to read!

    A native of Columbus, Ohio, Rhonda Talford Knight, PhD holds from The Ohio State University a master’s degree in education and a doctoral degree in Social Studies and Global Education with a focus in Cultural Competency and Technology.

    Dr. Knight helps accelerate Huntington’s inclusion strategy with a specific focus on increasing workforce diversity, workplace inclusion, and community engagement. With more than 18 years of experience executing cultural competency strategies, Dr. Knight works with business segment leaders and her human resources partners to deliver Diversity & Inclusion training and to integrate inclusive leadership and recruiting behaviors across the enterprise.

    In her role as President & CEO of her own firm, Rhonda spends time working with clients on developing strategic plans, implementing inclusive practices, and establishing affinity groups, all focused on diversity, inclusion, equity, and advocacy. Recognized nationally and internationally for her work, Rhonda was recently named 2018 Women Worth Watching. She is committed to supporting women and girls and she is proud to have worked with clients to create a foundation of inclusion and sustainable practices.

    When asked what brought her to The Childhood League Center, she says, “Understanding the overall mission and knowing the organizations history and commitment to children and inclusion, it was an easy decision. Come for a visit and you will understand why The Childhood League Center has been around for decades and you will want to be a part of the amazing community and work they do with and for all children, too!”

  • Jennifer MacKenzie
    Board Member

    Senior Vice President of Marketing
  • Photo of Steffan Moody

    Steffan Moody
    Board Member

    Vice President, Market Leader Central Ohio
    Oswald Companies
    Joined The Board: 2020

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    Where the Sidewalk Ends

  • Photo of Isao Shoji

    Isao L. Shoji
    Board Member

    Managing Principal 
    for TSG Advice Partners
    Joined The Board: 2019

    Favorite Superhero:


    As an immigrant to this country, Isao is passionate about providing opportunities to those who, perhaps just by the virtue of where they were born, do not even get to stand at the same start line in life as many of us who are more fortunate.

    When Isao was introduced to the Center at a business luncheon, he felt that the mission of the Center aligned perfectly with this passion. As parents of two young, adopted children, Isao and his wife are constantly amazed by the growth they exhibit and are thankful everyday for the blessings they bring to their lives.

    The Center’s focus on children of the community felt that much more personal to him, and he wanted to play a role in helping as many kids as possible achieve their maximum potential.

  • Charmaine Sutton
    Board Member

    Interior Architecture and Design Adjunct Faculty
    Columbus College of Art and Design
    Joined The Board: 2020
  • Photo of Katrina Thompson

    Katrina Thompson
    Board Member

    Barnes & Thornburg LLP
    Joined The Board: 2018

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    Grimm’s Fairy Tales


    Katrina became more involved with The Center after attending an Early Intervention training to learn more about The PLAY Project.

  • Zibbi Palmer Wentz
    Board Member

    Joined The Board: 2020

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    The Giving Tree


    Zibbi has been involved with the League as a member since 2010, became an AB in 2015 and joined the board in 2020. She has a 1-8 Ohio teaching license as well as a Masters in Education.

    She was introduced by a friend to the League. Her friend knew Zibbi was passionate about causes such as this with family members who would have benefited from the amazing services The Center provides. She stayed dedicated to The Center after completing her years as a league member because she fell in love with the staff, the administration and the kids! She saw the growth, the dedication, and the love everyone gave and felt with each other, and she knew this was something she wanted to be invested in for a long time.

  • Place holder image of member of the childhood league

    Sara Canterbury, FSCP
    Board Member

    Financial Planner
    Skylight Financial Group
    Joined The Board: 2018

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    The Secret Garden


    “Sara Canterbury, FSCP, was introduced to The Childhood League Center through M+A Architects who designed the new building. She joined The League volunteers, which brought her to her position on the Board.

    Sarah looks forward to the opportunity to work with strong, successful women to fundraise and bring awareness to a program that helps children with special needs.

  • Photo of Ginger Young

    Ginger Young

    The Childhood League Center
    Joined The Board: 2013

    Favorite Children’s Book:
    Good Night Moon

  • The League Leadership

    A group of innovative and passionate volunteer women began The Childhood League in 1945,
    providing a much-needed service for young children.

    Over time, The League added paid staff to help in the operations of The Center as it grew, while
    The League continued to provide vital support. Today, League Members commit for five years to volunteering, fundraising, advocating, serving in leadership positions and participating in Merry
    Go Round, the largest annual fundraiser for The Center, put on by League Members.

  • Amy Reynolds-Gohs

    Katie Street 

    Carly Hazard
    Co-President Elect

    Taylor MacEachen
    Co-President Elect
    New Member Chair

    Clare Reter
    Communications Chair

    Gina Fiorino
    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair

  • Nicole Falcone
    Social Chair

    Karleya Chard
    Financial Controller

    Kate Ricchetti
    AFC Chair

    Renee Didonato
    AFC Chair Elect 

    Sara Zancan
    Programs Chair

    Ashley Walton
    Programs Chair Elect

  • Courtney Heinmiller
    Merry Go Round Co-Chair

    Mackenzie Skellan
    Merry Go Round Co-Chair

    Elaina Geer
    Merry Go Round Co-Chair Elect

    Jessica Howley
    Merry Go Round Co-Chair Elect

    Christine Edwards
    New Membership Chair Elect

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