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Who We Are

About us
  • The Childhood League Center

  • Early Childhood Education, Intervention and Therapeutic Services in Franklin County, Ohio

    The Childhood League Center is committed to serving children birth through 5 years old who have developmental delays.

    Our comprehensive services work side-by-side with families to help each child develop to their full potential.

  • About Us

    • Children Participating in Our Programs

      Each year, almost 450 children receive the best early childhood education, interventions and therapies available.

    • %
      No Longer Qualify for Specialized Services

      Of children who received services from The Center, 65% no longer qualify for specialized services by the time they enter kindergarten.

    • %
      Children with Developmental Delay

      90% of children receiving Center services have a diagnosed developmental delay.

    • Children Attending Classes

      About 170 children come to The Center for half- or full-day classes.

    • Children in Home-Based Services

      Our home-based programs partner with families in their natural environment so children benefit at the most critical times in their development.

    • %
      Children Who Experience Poverty

      About two-thirds (63%) of Our Families are Experiencing Poverty

  • Working As A Team

    The Childhood League Center’s professional staff, volunteers, and donors partner with families as a holistic team with a common goal: helping children get the best possible start in life.

  • Children thrive, but a lot more happens.

    Families develop connections with each other and our staff while becoming long-term advocates for their children.

    Volunteers and donors provide critical support while also forming bonds in the community.

    We welcome your involvement.

    It’s a formula we know works. When everyone partners together, each child can be successful.

    — The Childhood League Center
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